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811 Tips for Facility Owners & Operators

The damage prevention industry has many moving parts. Each stakeholder plays an important role in making the 811 process work effectively. If everyone involved works to make their area of responsibility more efficient, the entire 811 system will be able to function like a well-oiled machine.

The 811 System can only  work efficiently when we work together

The role of the Facility Owner/Operator is vital to the Damage Prevention Industry. Most of your responsibility involves locating and marking lines. Whether you do this yourself or hire a locate partner, be sure to watch this video for ways to make the process more efficient.


Damage Prevention Starts Early

Accurately Record Where Cable/Wires are First Placed

Locating & Marking

  • Implement Software/Utilize Online Portals
  • Look for New Ways to Improve Efficiency/Accuracy
  • Provide On-Time Response & Accurate Locates
  • Make Marking Highly Visible, Factor in Weather/Terrain
  • Provide Good Contact Information
  • Keep Mapping Data Up to Date

Foster Relationships & Partnerships

Keep Good Lines of Communication with Other Stakeholders