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Alabama 811 is the one call notification center for Alabama. Alabama 811 processes notification of proposed excavation activities and notifies member underground facility owners to mark their facilities prior to the excavation activities to reduce potential damages to the facilities and protect the public.


January 1975
December 1987
October 1994
January 2011


Alabama’s Damage Prevention program was established in January 1975 by South Central Bell, Alabama Power Company and Alabama Gas Corporation and was known as Alabama Line Location Center (ALLC). It initially served the Jefferson and Shelby county areas. During the first year other underground facility owners showed an interest in participating and soon the ALLC had members across the entire state. The first year of state-wide operations, the ALLC processed just over 7,000 locate requests.


From January 1975 until December 1987, the ALLC was operated by South Central Bell. Due to divestiture of AT&T and court ruling, South Central Bell could no longer operate the one-call center. Alabama Gas Corporation agreed to take over the operations in December 1987.

Incorporates as a 501(c)6 Non profit and begins operating as Alabama One Call

In October 1994, the Alabama Line Location Center, Inc. became an incorporated entity as a nonprofit corporation governed by its member companies. With the continued education efforts of the one-call industry, the name was changed to Alabama One Call. This name change was to give industry name consistency with other organizations in other states and reduce the confusion of the one call center being a locating company.


In January 2011, as part of the national promotion and awareness of 811, Alabama One Call began operating as Alabama 811.

Board of Directors


Wayne Garner
Alabama Power Company

Bob Gardner

Lance Sledge

Jacqueline McClinton
Riviera Utilities

John Kauffman
Verizon Business


Wayne Garner

Vice President
Bob Gardner

Lance Sledge

Board of Directors – Overview and Nominations Process

Alabama 811 Board of Directors consists of one representative appointed by each of the three Principal Members and representatives elected from the General Members. The General Member Board seat is nominated each year by the General Members to serve a two-year term. A nomination ballot is distributed annually to the administrative contacts for each General Member. A Nomination Committee made up of the Executive Director, the seated General Member Director, and representatives of the General Membership reviews the nominations, conducts interviews, as applicable, and provides a proposed Board Member recommendation for the Annual Membership Meeting. Per the Alabama 811 By-laws, the Board consists of no less than three and no more than ten directors. No member may be represented by more than one individual on the Board.

Alabama 811 Team

Annette Bowman

Executive Director

(205) 731-3209

Adam Berendt

Senior Technology Manager

(205) 731-3202

Emily Roberts

Member Services Manager

(205) 731-3212

Andrew Maxwell

GIS Specialist

(205) 731-3213

Jennifer Pickle

Contact Center Operations Manager

(205) 731-3210

ShaNir Woodbury

Contact Center Supervisor

(205) 731-3204

Amelia Nelson

Contact Center Supervisor

(205) 731-3215

Kimberly Vargas

Contact Center Supervisor

(205) 731-3203

Grayson Cain

Media & Marketing Specialist

(205) 731-3206

Kim Jenkins

Office & Accounting Manager

(205) 731-3205

Keishawn Berry

Administrative Operations Assistant

(205) 731-3201

McKay Lyvers

Damage Prevention Education Manager

(205) 731-3207

Kim Covan

Damage Prevention Coordinator

(205) 731-3217

Kara Jones

Damage Prevention Coordinator

(205) 731-3219

Jeff Bice

Damage Prevention Coordinator

(205) 731-3218

Career Opportunities

Located in Fultondale, Alabama, Alabama 811 provides exceptional benefits, strong starting salary, and an encouraging work family. Alabama 811 promotes a policy of equal opportunity and diversity in all aspects of employment including recruitment, hiring, transfer, promotion, compensation, benefits, and training.

Current open positions: