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Training Course

The online excavator training tool is a FREE, self-paced tool that should take around 45 minutes to complete and provides an overview of the law, requirements, and how to dig safely. The course will provide a certificate upon completion. 

Course Curriculum Includes:

Excavator Safety Training Course Introduction

- Introduction & Importance of Alabama 811 in Excavation Safety
- Reasons to Utilize the 811 Service
- Course Goals
Law Highlights

Important details of the law for project managers, general contractors, or subcontractors such as:

- Notice of intent to excavate or demolish requirements
- Design/survey locate requests
- Operator requirements to respond to marking requests
- Responsibilities in case of damages
- and more...
Excavator's Obligations

When to utilize the 811 service, the methods of entering locate requests, and additional features/benefits such as streamlining the process, and bi-lingual capabilities (Spanish) and more...
Locate Ticket Types

Types and details of locate tickets including:

- Normal / Routine locate requests
- Life of a locate ticket
- Emergency locate requests
- Update tickets & refresh markings
- Damage tickets & reporting requirements
- Survey locate requests
Utility Responsibilities

Obligations of utilities covering response, marking facilities, and positive response.

Handling non-response situations, understanding the color codes, and public vs. private utilities.
Excavator Best Practices

- Working within the Tolerance Zone
- Non-invasive excavation methods
- Providing accurate locate request information
- How to plan for a smooth process
- Dealing with a damage
Enforcement Process

Information on how violations of the law in Alabama related to marking utilities and excavation through the Alabama Underground Damage Prevention Authority are enforced.

Common violations and enforcement actions in the context of excavation work including violations filed by excavators, and violations filed by utilities.
Additional Resources & Support

Information on resources available on the website, education materials, promo items, reports, Spanish resources, media (logos, artwork, videos available for download), and more...

Details and contact information for the Damage Prevention Team and their various responsibilities.

In-Person Education Meeting

If you would like to schedule an in-person education meeting, safety meeting, etc., visit the link below to get information and get started.  

Groups of 20 more are preferred for in-person meetings.