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How to use the WebPortal

Basic web portal activities

Account creation IS NOT required for basic web portal activities.

Use the Homeowner Portal without creating an account to:

  • View utility responses to existing requests.
  • View, print, & check the positive response posted to a specific request
  • Enter a single address ticket through the Homeowner Portal without creating an account.

Click the Find Tickets link in the upper left corner of the page to search for a specific request by number or follow the direct link from your email confirmation. (Note: If you receive a “request not found” error from the confirmation link you may need to clear your browser cache, log out, or try to search from a different browser.)

Account Features

Create an account to:

  • Renew locate requests
  • Perform advanced ticket searches
  • Post responses
  • Or access other advanced system features

Click the Create Account link at the top right of the portal page (HERE) to create an account. Once you have activated your account from the link in the confirmation email you will receive, you can then click the Log In link to begin using the advanced Web Portal features.

Below you will find some quick links to available resources that will help you navigate some of the Web Portal features.


If you have any questions not answered here, feel free to email us at:

Want to learn how to do tickets online?

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