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Promotional Items

You can help make an impact on underground utility damage prevention with Alabama 811’s promotional items. Here, you’ll find items to help spread awareness.

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Fill out the form below to request free items, and/or purchase items. We will send an invoice along with the item(s) ordered. Please allow 10 business days for shipping. 

FREE Educational Promo Items

This trifold brochure is designed to help homeowners understand the responsibility of safe digging.
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APWA color-code cards with tolerance zone and positive response info on back.

SPANISH -APWA color-code cards with tolerance zone info on the back.

The Excavation Manual is an informative guide on what you need to know; the do’s and don’ts of excavation, explanation of the tolerance zone, what to do if damage occurs, and more.
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Use this on markers, fleet vehicles, equipment, & more.
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Use this on markers, fleet vehicles, equipment, & more.
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Use to pre-mark the proposed site of excavation before submitting a locate request.

We currently offer 50 for FREE. If you need more, let us know and we can get you pricing (at cost).

Promo Items Store (at cost)

One size fits all trucker style 811 hat.

Beautiful 811 cups

811 Keychains

811 branded Band Aids

811 branded Lip balm / Chapstick

811 branded Wrist Bands

811 branded Wrist Bands

8' x 4' Banner - Heavy Duty Vinyl Material for Outdoor & Indoor Use w/grommets

We will email an invoice to be paid before sending the item(s) ordered for the following amount:

If you need more than 50, please specify.
Also, if you plan on picking up items, let us know the approximate date.