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Public Outreach & Community Engagement

Alabama 811 participates in numerous outreach efforts targeted at various stakeholder audiences to increase awareness about the importance of underground utility damage prevention. Together, we can reach a larger audience, increase the message frequency, maximize budget efficiency, and create engaging experiences that promote safe digging practices effectively.

Help us spread the safe digging message

Joint marketing campaigns enable utility companies to leverage influence by combining resources, expertise, and audience reach to amplify the safe digging message of contacting 811 before digging.

Joint marketing campaigns

Cost Efficiency
By sharing the costs of marketing efforts with partners, utility companies can maximize their budget and achieve greater impact. Joint campaigns allow for pooling resources for activities such as advertising, event sponsorship, or creating educational materials, making it more cost-effective for all involved parties.
Expanded Reach
Partnering with Alabama 811 allows utility companies to access a broader audience that they might not reach on their own. Together, both partners can promote the safe digging message through their marketing channels, such as websites, social media, newsletters, physical signage and more.
Increased Trust
When reputable organizations collaborate on a marketing campaign, it lends credibility and trust to the message. For example, when Home Depot or a tool rental company promotes the 811 message, it adds weight to the importance of contacting 811 before digging, increasing the likelihood that individuals will take the message seriously.
Targeted Marketing
Joint marketing campaigns enable companies to tailor their message to specific demographics or geographic regions, leveraging partners' insights into their audience.

For instance, if a telecom company is installing a lot of fiber in an area, they can help customize the message for homeowners, emphasize the importance of safe digging practices, and target them near their homes.

Other ways to participate

Help us spread the word by sharing on social media, adding to newsletters, handing out promotional items, and more.

Awareness Toolkits & Resources are simple, powerful tools that help promote safe digging

We have many tools available for download. Click below to access tools designed to help promote the safe digging message. Reach out if have any questions or you need assistance.

Downloadable .png files available below

If you need Alabama 811 Logo to help promote the safe digging message, click any of the items below.

LONG Logos:

TALL Logos:





All logos and taglines, including the source file (.eps)

Request Logo Assistance

If you need any logo assistance, formatting, or otherwise, let us know and we’ll see what we can do. If you are a stakeholder who is partnering/co-op marketing with us, we can help with the design.

Audio & Video

Below are resources for helping spread awareness and educate safe digging practices. Feel free to use these to help spread the safe digging message!



“Don’t Risk it”


“Avoid damages to underground utilities”


“Do you know what the colors mean?”


“Don’t risk it” 

15-seconds (non-animated)

CGA Resources

The CGA has developed a series of educational videos and public service announcements (PSAs) to bring the safe digging message to life. Contained in these toolkits are videos and supporting documentation for educating farmers and ranchers, for kids with engaging accompanying activities, and general public safe digging messages. Additionally, CGA has developed PSA videos and scripts highlighting safe digging practices and the consequences of digging without calling.

If you are not a member, you will be asked to create a log in with the CGA website prior to download.

Promotional Items

You can help make an impact on underground utility damage prevention with Alabama 811’s promotional items. Here, you’ll find items to help spread awareness.

Request FREE and/or Purchase Items

Fill out the form below to request free items, and/or purchase items. We will send an invoice along with the item(s) ordered. Please allow 10 business days for shipping. 

FREE Educational Promo Items

This trifold brochure is designed to help homeowners understand the responsibility of safe digging.
Download PDF

APWA color-code cards with tolerance zone and positive response info on back.

SPANISH -APWA color-code cards with tolerance zone info on the back.

The Excavation Manual is an informative guide on what you need to know; the do’s and don’ts of excavation, explanation of the tolerance zone, what to do if damage occurs, and more.
Download PDF

Use this on markers, fleet vehicles, equipment, & more.
Download PDF

Use this on markers, fleet vehicles, equipment, & more.
Download PDF

Use to pre-mark the proposed site of excavation before submitting a locate request.

We currently offer 50 for FREE. If you need more, let us know and we can get you pricing (at cost).

Promo Items Store (at cost)

One size fits all trucker style 811 hat.

Beautiful 811 cups

811 Keychains

811 branded Band Aids

811 branded Lip balm / Chapstick

811 branded Wrist Bands

811 branded Wrist Bands

8' x 4' Banner - Heavy Duty Vinyl Material for Outdoor & Indoor Use w/grommets

We will email an invoice to be paid before sending the item(s) ordered for the following amount:

If you need more than 50, please specify.
Also, if you plan on picking up items, let us know the approximate date.

Toolkit Catalog

Toolkits are provided for members to promote safe digging and the damage prevention message. Each toolkit is geared toward an event, campaign, or program and contains a variety of resources such as social media messages, press release template, infographics, and more.

Using the Best Practices

The CGA Best Practices Guide is the original, and still most popular, industry resource for ensuring the safety of those who work or live near underground facilities. The Best Practices manual includes more than 130 practices that cover all phases of the 811 process, agreed to by 16 stakeholder groups. The following toolkit is available to assist members and damage prevention stakeholders in using the Best Practices Guide and participating in the best practices process.

Educating Policymakers

Educating policymakers on the importance of protecting underground infrastructure is key to the damage prevention process and CGA has created tools and guidance for members to achieve this goal. Local stakeholders can educate state and federal policymakers about how they can strengthen damage prevention legislation to improve public safety. This toolkit is designed to help on-the-ground stakeholders communicate CGA’s consensus-based Best Practices, Data and other information.

National Safe Digging Month

Please help us spread the Safe Digging Message!

Proclaim on behalf of your organization, the month of April as Safe Digging Month and encourage excavators and homeowners throughout the country to always contact 811 before digging!

Download Here:

Toolkit & Assets

Every year, the industry celebrates National Safe Digging Month (NSDM) in April. During the month, campaigns and activities focus on promoting safe digging to the general public and professionals nationwide. Here are some images and other tools that you may use to help.


Feel free to use or share these on your social media, website, & more.

“Don’t Risk it”


“Avoid damages to underground utilities”


“Do you know what the colors mean?”


“Don’t risk it” 

15-seconds (non-animated)

Joint Marketing Campaign

 Information Request 

Joint Marketing Campaign types