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Damage prevention is a shared responsibility, and Alabama 811 wants to empower its stakeholders and the media to share the important safety message of contacting 811 before you dig.

Alabama 811 resources are FREE of cost.

Training & Education

FREE – Online Excavator Training

The online excavator training tool is a free self-paced tool that should take around 45 minutes to complete that should provide an overview of the law, requirements and how to dig safely. This training will also provide a certificate upon completion.

In-Person & Group Education Meeting

If you would like to schedule an in-person education meeting, safety meeting, etc., visit the link below for information and to get started. Groups of 20 or more are preferred for in-person meetings.

Educational Resources

Welcome! We’re here to work for you.

Whether it be through continuing education, public outreach, or services provided by our state-of-the-art call center, we’ve got you covered.

Common Ground Alliance

The Common Ground Alliance (CGA) is dedicated to preventing damage to underground utility infrastructure and protecting those who live and work near these important assets through the shared responsibility of our stakeholders.

Join the CGA – our dedicated volunteers are working with industry stakeholders and regulators to produce stronger, more effective results through partnership, collaboration, and the pursuit of common goals in damage prevention.


Damage Reporting

*** Note: This is an annual data collection report for damages and near misses. This does not replace notifying the underground facility owner of a damage to a facility during excavation practices. Those should be reported to the facility owner directly and by contacting Alabama 811 through the normal locate request process. ***

To accommodate the needs of our many members, there are several options relative to reporting damages and near misses as required under state statute.

If you are already using Common Ground Alliance’s (CGA) Damage Information Reporting Tool (DIRT) or would prefer to enter your data through this interface you can use the Alabama Virtual DIRT link. If you haven’t registered with that system yet, you can also do that via the link.

If you prefer to enter your data directly to Alabama 811 using a simplified form, use the Alabama Underground Facility Damage Reporting Tool Form.

You may enter your individual damage or near miss information or upload your internal spreadsheet data at the links above. If you prefer to capture the data for an annual submission, and do not currently have a system in place to do so, you can utilize the Damage Reporting Spreadsheet to collect your data and submit it annually.

If you have your own spreadsheet or use the one provided (above), you may bulk upload here.

Section 37-15-9(c) of Alabama’s Underground Damage Prevention Law requires that:

“if an event damages any pipe, cable or its protective covering, or other underground facility, or there is a significant near miss that could have resulted in damage, the operator receiving the notice shall file a report with the “One-Call Notification System”. Reports must be submitted annually to the System no later than March 31 of the prior calendar year, or more frequently at the option and sole discretion of the operator. Each report must describe, if known, the cause, nature, and location of the damage.“



Damage is defined as including, but not limited to, the substantial weakening of structural or lateral support of an underground facility, penetration or destruction of any underground facility’s protective coating, housing or other protective device, and the severance (partial or complete) or of any underground facility, but does not apply to any operator’s abandoned underground facility.

near miss is defined as an event where damage did not occur but a clear potential for damage was identified.

The purpose of the required damage reporting is to allow for a unified location for stakeholders to share essential detail about underground damage or near-miss incidents for use in determining root causes. These root causes and other data will be evaluated and used to develop and promote underground damage prevention education and training efforts.

The data received from Alabama 811’s damage reporting process will be uploaded annually into the Common Ground Alliance (CGA) DIRT program to be used in developing the national DIRT (Damage Information Report Tool) Annual Report. Therefore, if you are reporting to Alabama 811, you do not need to enter your data into DIRT as well. Our form collects all the required DIRT information.

Law & Enforcement

The Enforcement Program

The program is a complaint-driven process where a complaint may be submitted against an entity for violation of the Alabama Underground Damage Prevention State Law. A complaint may be submitted as information only and not designated for enforcement penalties.

Additional News

Marketing & Promo Items

Help Raise Awareness!

Alabama 811 does more than just notify facility owners of proposed excavation activities. We are also a great resource for educational and promotional materials for all stakeholders involved in damage prevention.

We make available promotional handout items, advertisements, logo artwork, and other toolkits to assist with your damage prevention efforts.

In an ongoing effort to educate the public and contractors of the importance of calling before any digging project, Alabama 811 provides some materials at no charge.

To continue offering these resources, there is a flat fee of $18 to cover shipping. For your convenience, you can also pick up items at our location at no charge. Thank you for your understanding and continued support in promoting safe digging practices.

Promo Items

Request educational and promotional materials for all stakeholders involved in damage prevention. Materials such as brochures, stickers, decals, color-code cards & more!

Logos & Marketing Tools

Logos, videos, and toolkits are available for members to promote the safe digging message in events, campaigns, social media messages, press release template, infographics, and more.