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What is a Positive Response?

Positive Response is a process to facilitate communication between utilities, excavators and Alabama 811, regarding the status of identifying and marking the underground facilities within the proposed area of excavation on locate request tickets.

How Do I View the Responses?

Responses can be viewed in real-time via the Find Locate Request link on the Alabama 811 WebPortal.

  • Visit
  • Select Find Locate Request, enter your locate request ticket number in the search box and click search.
  • Your locate request ticket will be shown on the right side of the screen.
  • Scroll to the bottom of the locate request ticket to view the actions posted for each participating member utility company.
The WebPortal is available 24/7!

How Do I Submit Responses?


Alabama 811 members can submit responses through Alabama 811’s WebPortal
KorWeb ticket management software, or a compatible in-house ticket management system. 

If you would like to submit responses for your company you will need to fill out a registration form. Please contact Jennifer Pickle for more info: or 205.731.3210

What Type of Responses Can Be Submitted?

The following are the different response actions to select from when responding:

No Response from member facility
System generated code for no response
Located: Facilities Marked
Facilities Marked
Located: To Meter Only
Private Property beyond the meter
Located: In Conflict
Facility owner should be on-site during excavation
Unmarked: Unable to Access Locate Request Area
Unable to access area noted for locate request
Unmarked: Incorrect Address or Excavation Site Info
Info incorrect – Contact AL811 for new locate request
Unmarked: Marking Information Unclear – Locator to Contact Excavator
Info unclear – excavator to be contacted directly
Unmarked: Unable to Contact Excavator
Needed additional info – unable to reach excavator
Unmarked: Delayed due to Weather of Other Circumstances
Delayed – need to contact locator or facility owner/operator directly
Unmarked: Cannot Locate – contact facility owner/operator directly
Unable to locate – need to contact facility owner/operator directly
Unmarked: Facility Owner/Operator or Master Contractor Generated Request
Facility owner/operator or master contractor responsible for marking
Design/Survey Locate: Marked
Physical markings completed at excavation site
Design/Survey Locate: Cleared No Conflict
No facilities in the area requested for design/survey site
Design/Survey Locate: Facility Owner/Operator to Provide Maps
Facility owner/operator will provide maps or access to maps
Design/Survey Locate: Meeting Requested
Facility owner/operator will contact to set up meeting arrangements
Other: Parties Have Agreed and Documented Locating Schedule
Parties have met and made locating schedule arrangements

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